About Us

“Naked Knits isn’t just about sexy clothing. It’s about uncovering oneself and finding beauty in your idiosyncrasies; the physical characteristics that make us all different from one another. You deserve a community that allows you to be seen and NK is just that, a community.”~ Estée P, Founder & CEO

Naked Knits is a black-owned, woman-owned, Brooklyn based clothing brand created by entrepreneur and former stylist Estée P. Our brand specializes in sculpt knit fabrics and lustrous cotton blends that not only accentuate your shape, but also provide comfort, allure, and elegance. 

In creating NK, Estée wanted to be sure that she was producing an environmentally conscious brand. In her research, she was able to find appreciable ways to package each order with 100% recyclable/compostable materials, that still tied into the aesthetics of Naked Knits. Estée needed her clients to be just as passionate and informed as she was. So, she took her research and wrote the very first Naked Truths blog post, Our Recyclable Packaging. This blog post is solely dedicated to educating our NK shoppers on the importance of recyclable packaging and its contribution to our shared environment. 

You can find the information from the blog post in the product description of each Naked Knits garment.